Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Green Sweater Girl and Her Best Friends

One day, the Green Sweater Girl and her best friends, Molly and Sam, were in the school cafeteria, waiting in line for lunch.

I’m going to get pizza,” Sam said. “What are you getting, Green Sweater Girl?”

The Green Sweater Girl looked at the lunch money Mama had given her. $3.00—enough for a regular lunch. Pizza was on the ala carte menu and cost $1.00 extra.

I want pizza too,” the Green Sweater Girl pouted. “But I don’t have enough money.”

Suddenly, something amazing happened. There was a five dollar bill under the Green Sweater Girl’s shoe! She picked it up, and jumped with joy. Now she had enough for pizza!

Then the Green Sweater Girl heard someone crying. She saw a boy talking to Ms. Hart and sniffling. He said he’d lost his lunch money: a five-dollar bill.

Monday, 18 July 2016

The Green Sweater Girl and the Overnight Camping Trip

It was the start of summer, and the Green Sweater Girl was ready for her first camping trip with her two best friends from school, Molly and Sam. With packed backpacks and walking sticks, they all headed out into the big backyard. 

“Fa, la, la off to camp we go,” they sang in chorus. The three friends laughed as they walked.

At the campsite, the Green Sweater Girl pulled out her Big Tree tent. Mama had helped her practice at the house. She knew what to do, but Molly and Sam didn’t know how to pitch a tent. Patiently, the Green Sweater Girl guided her friends through the process.

“First, we have to lay out the tent. Then we raise it up, but it will only work if we do it together,” she said, “One, two, three!” The tent was roomy and perfect for playing and sleeping.

Before bed, the Green Sweater Girl pulled out some cookies and milk from the cooler that Mama brought and watched a shooting star flash across the sky. “Thanks,” the Green Sweater Girl said to her friends. “I knew we could do it all on our own if we worked together.”

The tent protected the Green Sweater Girl, Molly, and Sam from wind, bugs, and the dew on the ground in the morning. The next day, the three friends told everyone about their camping adventure in the backyard.