Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Green Sweater Girl Gets Her Nickname

The Green Sweater Girl was not always called that, because she didn’t always have her green sweater. Her real name was Beth.

Beth loved the color green, and she had lots of green things in her house. Her favorite tree was a huge, dark green pine growing outside her window. She had a quilt with green and white squares on her bed, soft green pillows, and curtains with tiny green shamrocks on them. Her favorite stuffed animal was a green frog with a red and green bow around its neck.

Beth went to the Small Pond Preschool. This year, she would move from the Tadpole Room to the Frog Room, for big kids. Mama took Beth and her brothers and sister shopping for school clothes.

“You’ll need a sweater,” Mama said. She showed Beth a table full of colorful sweaters. “Choose the color you like best.”

Beth looked at all the colorful sweaters. There were red ones, blue ones, orange and yellow ones. There were purple and pink ones, and even some with many colors in them. They were all beautiful, but none were perfect.

Finally, she spotted just the right sweater. It had shiny gold buttons, and a pocket for special things. Most important, it was green, Beth’s favorite color.

“You have too many green things,” her older sister said.

“Green is ugly,” her twin brothers said.

But Mama just smiled. “It’s a lovely sweater,” she said. “You can be our Green Sweater Girl, because loving green is part of what makes you special.”

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