Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Green Sweater Girl Learns How to Swim

The weather was warm, and the Green Sweater Girl’s family headed down to the local river to cool off. Monica, her older sister, and Casey and Colin, her older twin brothers, knew how to swim, but the Green Sweater Girl did not.

At the river, she stayed close to the bank and only dipped her toes into the water. Then, her dad asked, “What are you so afraid of?”

“What if I can’t hold myself up or I get carried downstream?” the Green Sweater Girl replied.

“We won’t let that happen!” the twins exclaimed. “Take your time, but don’t let this fear keep you from learning something really fun.”

“Okay,” the Green Sweater Girl said. “I’m going to do it.” She spent that afternoon learning how to float and tread water.

“Hey!” she giggled. “This is pretty fun.” And it was.

A few weeks later, she and her friends were down by the same river. A bunch of bunnies were hopping around in the clearing. When one fell into the water, the Green Sweater Girl and her friends started to panic. Then, she had an idea. The Green Sweater Girl grabbed her butterfly net, hopped in the water, and scooped up the bunny. She saved it, and it was all because she had dared to learn how to swim!

Lesson: Don’t be afraid of learning new skills.

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